2020-2021 MSB Cost of Attendance

MSB Class of 2020 (10 Months)On-CampusOff-Campus
Books & Supplies$2,979$2,979
Room & Board$15,698$14,830

*MSB students for 2020-2021 will receive a $25,000 tuition waiver ($12,500 per semester).

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Disclaimer: The Standard Cost of Attendance (COA) is subject to change without notice and is used to establish a limit on the amount of total aid a student may receive for educational expenses based upon if living on-campus or off-campus. The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education bills students directly for Tuition, Fees and any other institutional charges associated with their program of study. All other costs are indirect costs and are estimated based upon the average student’s costs. Educational expenses do not include costs for: relocation, deposits, credit card debt, consumer debt, spousal expenses or vehicle purchase/lease or expenses outside of the number of months in the COA budget.

In limited circumstances, individual students may request a COA adjustment for reasonable extenuating circumstances, such as: major car repair, daycare, disability related expenses or other academically related expenses. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for approval or denial by the Financial Aid Office