Constitution and Citizenship Day

Constitution and Citizenship Day is used to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution that occurred on September 17, 1787.  It is a congressional initiative requirement for all educational institutions that shall receive federal funding to offer an educational program to the students it serves on September 17 of each year. To celebrate Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, each year the ACHE Office of Financial Aid offers an educational program to students and employees on September 17 or if that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday will offer it the Friday before September 17.

As part of this educational program, pocket constitution books and voter registration forms are available and snacks provided in the Parker Atrium at the Constitution and Citizenship Day Table. Virtual advertisement of this event and the student recorded preamble provided to employees and students through the ACHE Update, the Pulse and Anthology aka Campus Nexus and on monitors across campus. In addition to this event, students have a chance to play trivia to win prizes. 

Below are various informational web resources but please note we do not endorse any specific program or website: 

Additional Event Information


  • Tuesday, September 13 students will have a chance to win prizes by being a top scorer in a US Trivia Game
  • Friday, September 16 from 12pm-1pm the educational event will be held in the Parker Atrium with snacks and prizes


  • Friday, September 17 cookies and candy was passed out by an RSO student group and US trivia played at noon for the top 3 scorers to win gift cards.


  • Thursday, September 17 candy with flag stickers was passed out at the Constitution & Citizenship Day table by an RSO group.


  • Monday, September 14- Friday, September 18 a voter registration form and pocket constitution table was available in the atrium for pickup passed out by the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA).
  • Thursday, September 17, all students were invited to the Parker Atrium at 11:50am for a special appearance from George Washington recitation and for free pocket constitutions and AR Voter Registration Forms


  • Monday, September 17, all students were invited to the Parker Atrium at 11:50am to pick up a free constitution book and AR Voter Registration Form and for a special guest appearance from George Washington’s recitation


  • Monday, September 18 all students were invited to be in the Parker Atrium at 1:50pm to pick up constitution pamphlets and AR Voter Registration Forms. When all 162 ARCOM students came out of class, Dr. Fudge dressed in George Washington attire recited the Preamble with the students, read quotes from the Founding Fathers, talk about government, and read parts of the constitution.