Students may wish to search and apply for graduate or health profession student scholarships to help pay for school either through institutional and/or external scholarships. Institutional scholarships are available through the school. External scholarships are available from resources outside the school. It is important to be aware of deadlines, application requirements, terms/conditions and renewal criteria. We encourage students to avoid applying for scholarships that are fee-based.

Students who are awarded external scholarships must provide written documentation indicating additional resources to be received to avoid an over award or overpayment using a Scholarship Reporting Form. This should be done as soon as the student becomes aware that he or she will receive the aid. The institution must account for all sources of aid, even if they are not processed directly through the ACHE Office of Financial Aid. Aid may need to be adjusted to ensure an over award or over payment does not occur as a result of receiving aid a student was not eligible for.

Students may access the Scholarship Reporting Form within myPortal by using the below steps:

  • Login to myPortal at achehealth.edu
  • On the right-hand side of the page, click on Financial Aid
  • Click on Scholarship Reporting

Institutional Scholarships

ACHE has provided a list of institutional scholarships students may find helpful in their search to help pay for school.

ARCOM Student Stethoscope Scholarship Program (SSSP)

The ARCOM Student Stethoscope Scholarship Program (SSSP) is subject to availability of funds and consists of two components. The first component provides each incoming, first year osteopathic medical student with an engraved stethoscope, helping to offset the student’s expenses for required equipment. Incoming, first year students do not have to apply for the SSSP engraved stethoscope. The second component provides for individual financial scholarships for current students. The individual SSSP scholarships are subject to the availability of funds. Application deadlines, criteria, and application forms will be available to ARCOM Students when applications become available.

External Scholarships

ACHE has provided a list of external scholarships students may find helpful in their search to help pay for school. Click on each tab for resources that may helpful to you as a graduate student, graduate minority student, program-specific scholarship or scholarships with service agreement or loan repayment/forgiveness options. 

Disclaimer: We do not in any way endorse any of the following websites or programs and provide these links solely for users’ information and convenience. We encourage users to verify the legitimacy of information and organizations cited here. Every effort is made to ensure that information is current and accurate, but please refer to individual organizations’ websites for the most current information. Information on this website is subject to change without notice.

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