Financial Aid Awards

The ACHE Office of Financial Aid provides financial aid awards in the form of an Estimated Financial Aid Offer to eligible students for federal student aid. To determine eligibility, a Financial Aid Officer reviews a student’s FAFSA for the appropriate aid-year and will notify the student of eligibility with an Estimated Financial Aid Offer or if any additional information may need to be submitted by the student to the ACHE Office of Financial Aid before eligibility may be determined. Additional information about eligibility requirements may be found in Eligibility.

Financial Aid Need

The ACHE Office of Financial Aid uses financial need to determine the types and amounts of aid a student may be eligible for. Financial need is determined based upon a student’s Cost of Attendance (COA) minus the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The Expected Family Contribution Number is calculated by a formula that is applied to the information reported on his or her FAFSA. This formula is established by law to measure the financial strength of a student based upon income and assets. Financial need provides a student’s eligibility for need-based aid or non-need-based aid. The Arkansas Colleges of Health Education only enrolls graduate and professional degree seeking students and does not offer any campus-based programs or need-based programs at this time.

Estimated Financial Aid Offers

Once, a student receives an estimated financial aid offer they must review the types/amounts of aid offered, read the terms and conditions they must comply with and complete any requirements specified in the offer or as notified by the ACHE Office of Financial Aid. A student’s estimated aid offer may be amended or revoked if no longer meeting the eligibility criteria or requirements are not completed. Students who wish to accept federal student loan must accept, reduce or cancel aid offer.