Center for Clinical Skills Development

The Center for Clinical Skills Development (CCSD) provides students with opportunities to safely apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom and prepare for clinical experiences by providing them a tool to demonstrate competency in assessment, diagnostics, treatment, and effective communication with patients. The CCSD consists of two labs, the Tom Alexander Memorial Standardized Patient Center and the Simulation Lab.

Vision Statement

The Center for Clinical Skills Development(CCSD) will support the mission of ACHE by advancing the teaching and assessment of psychomotor skills through interactive, innovative simulation-based experiences.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ACHE CCSD is to integrate state-of-the-art, learner-centered, simulation-based experiences into ACHE’s programs to produce future generations of highly competent and compassionate healthcare professionals.

What is Simulation?

Healthcare simulation is the use of high-fidelity simulators, trained actors, and/or task trainers to imitate actual healthcare situations in a controlled environment. Each simulation is developed to be as realistic as possible.

Goals of Simulation:
• Provide students with hands-on learning
• Prepare students for clinical experiences
• Assess competency of clinical skills
• Interprofessional development
• Improve patient safety
• Assist faculty in identifying student strengths and areas needed for improvement

Are you interested in partnering with us to become a Standardized Patient?

Our Standardized Patient Program is always looking for passionate individuals to join our team of talented community members. For more information, please submit your contact information below and a CCSD staff member will contact you with more information and how to apply!

Meet the Team

Donald Sefcik, DO
Senior Vice President & Provost
Autumn Arrowood
SIM Lab Coordinator
Cynthia Montoya
Standardized Patient Coordinator, C3D0 Program
Kerrie Sanders
Manager, Center for Clinical Skills & Development
Daniela Guerrero
Standardized Patient Center Coordinator

Ways to Contact

Main Phone: 479-308-2243

Email: Simulation@achehealth.edu

Schedule a Tour: 479-308-2289

Arkansas Colleges of Health Education

7000 Chad Colley Blvd Fort Smith, Arkansas 72916