ACHE Alumni Association

Why should I join?

Community is something we all long for but wonder how to achieve.  After college it becomes increasingly more difficult to connect with people outside of work and home.  Let us help!  At the ACHE Alumni Association, our goal is to create a unique community to connect you with other healthcare professionals who graduated from our programs.  We provide a safe place to come back to, opportunities to meet you where you are, and to help you have some of the best resources available.  We want the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education to be a place you cannot wait to tell people you graduated from and bring them to visit. 

Join the ACHE Alumni Association! Community matters!

Rachel Dahl, Director of Special Events and Alumni Engagement

Why Create Community?


Find and reengage with fellow graduates, see what they been up to and stay in touch.


Leverage your professional network.


Use your talents, treasures, and time as a graduate.


Create a culture of engagement through events, touchpoints, and resources.

Alumni Committee

2023-2024 Alumni Committee

Jack Parker, DO


Class of 2023

Ammar Jihad

OMSI President-Elect

Class of 2027

Sydney Parker, DO


Class of 2023

Alex Pollock

Secretary/ Treasurer

Class of 2027

Hannah Adams

OT Student Representative

Adrianna Simmons

PT Student Representative

Past Presidents

Shayne Bayird

2020-23 President

Class of 2020