Giving Opportunities

Gifts, whether large or small, make a real and lasting impact at ACHE, and they provide critical funding for student scholarships, capital projects or a legacy gift.

Make a General Donation

A cash gift has an immediate effect at ACHE, and it will support scholarships, programs, research, and building needs.

Leave a Legacy Gift

Make healthcare your legacy by including ACHE as an investment in perpetuity.  You can make healthcare your legacy through a gift from your will, trust, insurance policy, or retirement plan.

Give Stocks, Bonds, or Real Estate

A gift of stocks, bonds, and real estate presents another opportunity for an investment to ACHE by transferring securities to receive a charitable deduction.

Transform a Student Experience Through Scholarships

Whether it is endowed, recruiting, operating, or diversity scholarships, they will ensure a quality healthcare professional education at ACHE. In addition, consider gifting a scholarship that follows the student for the duration of his or her experience at ACHE.

Donate Stethoscopes

Few tools of the trade are more vital in providing healthcare than the stethoscope. Imagine the impact your donation will have on an individual student as you provide them with an engraved stethoscope. 

Enhance Facilities and Naming Opportunities

Capital projects provide needed space for ACHE building enhancements, and they provide the institution with the means to highlight the aesthetically pleasing nature of the campus footprint. The ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center is a wonderful opportunity through contributions to increase the number of world class faculty and also provide cutting edge technology and equipment in the facility.

Special Giving

Provide a Transformative Endowment Gift

Establishing an endowment provides long lasting investment for ACHE.  Support scholarships, programs, schools or the institution with a transformative gift for permanent funding.

Match your Gifts

Your gift makes double the impact if your employer offers a match.  Discuss with your employer if a match is on the table for ACHE.


Honor an individual’s life through a donation to ACHE.  Your gift will be a tribute to someone else, and it will impact the education of students at ACHE.