Kenneth Hensley, PhD

Associate Dean of Preclinical Medicine

Dr. Hensley is the Associate Dean of Preclinical Medicine and a founding faculty member at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Hensley received undergraduate degrees in Biology and Chemistry (1992) and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Kentucky (1992). Over the next twenty-five years Dr. Hensley researched in the fields of neurodegeneration and experimental therapeutics. He has taught and mentored undergraduate, graduate and medical students at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation; The University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and the University of Toledo Health Science Campus. He has over 160 scientific publications and five U.S. and international patents.


  • BS Chemistry, BS Biology University of KY 1988
  • PhD Chemistry, University of KY 1993
  • Pos-Doctoral Research, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 1996-2000

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