Past Events

ACHE Fall of 2022 Semi-Annual Research Symposium

October 7, 2022

The activity addressed researchers’ and clinicians’ needs to improve knowledge, competence and/or performance in improving diversity in medical research. According to Improving Diversity in Medical Research, clinical research trials often enroll homogenous populations that do not accurately represent the patient populations served. Historically, five major challenges exist when trying to include diversity in research: low income; investigator bias; mistrust in medical research and professionals; limited health and research literacy; and lack of access to transportation. Researchers receive minimum training on how to include DEI in research.

ACHE Spring of 2023 Semi-Annual Research Symposium

April 14, 2023

Opioid prescribing rates in our region continue to be higher than then national norm. Our keynote speakers will give providers non-opioid treatment options for their patients with chronic pain.