ACHE Diversity Committee


The purpose of the ACHE Diversity Committee is to foster a culturally rich and inclusive educational environment to support opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, integrity, responsibility, research, scholarship, and innovation at ACHE.

Duties and Responsibilities

The ACHE DEI Committee supports on-going, intentional, systematic recruitment, retention efforts, as well as engagement activities designed to provide ongoing education for enhancement and support of a diverse and inclusive student body, administration, faculty, and staff; promotes a broad concept of recruiting and retaining students, administration, faculty, and staff that have widely divergent life experiences, as well as traditional associations with race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural orientation, disability, military service, religious beliefs, national origin, and other distinctive immutable and mutable characteristics; increases awareness of institutional resources to support leadership development of diverse faculty and staff; reviews the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion initiatives for students, administration, faculty, staff, and collaborating stakeholders; and performs other activities assigned by the President (or designee) that align with Committee’s purpose.

ACHE Diversity Committee

Current Member
*Kamarei, ZahraDirector, Library Services
Nassri, Louay
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Rojas, Monica
Medical Director of International Medicine and Cultural Education
LeQuieu, Elizabeth
Associate Dean of Academics

James, Dawn
Assistant Dean of Academics
Lemke, Sonya
Health Sciences Librarian
Layne, Anna
Executive Assistant to the Dean of the School of PA Studies
Albarran-Anguiano, Ricardo
Pollock, Alex
Turner, Jim
Senior VP to the President & CEO
Smith, Christopher
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
McIntosh, Laurel
Senior Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for ACHE

*denotes ACHE Diversity Committee Chair

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