Heli Mistry

Design and Visual Communications Specialist
Community Relations/Marketing

Heli Mistry is a user-centered designer who takes her experiences being Asian-American, in understanding the importance of balance, growing up in this duality of eastern and western culture. This has allowed Mistry’s interpersonal skills to truly flourish as seen in her focus in editorial photography. She enjoys being able to bridge the instant connection between her subject and herself, in order to capture the true essence and be able to tell a story.


  • University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
    • Accomplishments

      • President of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) – A worldwide design organization that branches out to each state then city.
      • Publication for Photography in Tulsa Cameron Studios
      • Painting exhibited for Fort Smith Symphony
        • Areas of Expertise/Interest

          • Photography
          • Branding